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Website Security Guide

Website Security Guide

A Website, like a personal computer program, is based on binary coding 01, off or on. This makes it forever possible for a skilled and determined person to play the numbers until they figure a way to get in, then they do damage.

In some cases the hacker's goal is to use the website for marketing so they may not destroy the site but simply rename the main index file. This makes repair quick and simple. Other cases require indepth file search and repair as the hacker's goal is to use the website to install malicious applications on the visitors' computer. The other extreme is the kids who just get a kick out of defacing websites so they delete all the files and database then place a page boasting their effort.

like a personal computer, a website needs programmatic protection and human intervention. If you are serious about your website business, security must be implemented, and it is all in your hands.


Monitoring Your Website For Suspicious Activity

This is an ongoing and crucial step to pre-empting hack attacks.

  • The hosting server will notify by email if your FTP password was changed. If you did not initiate the change, a hacker is active. Take action and notify WebsiteDons.com immediately.
  • Though it seem tedious, you should check your cPanel File Manager daily to visually recognize the file structure and notice when files are added.
  • If you change administrators, be sure to delete or change their FTP access password. Do the same for the website content manager because they can install extensions which will give access to the hosting control panel.
  • Update the website core software and extensions when notified. You will only see notices in the administration area.
  • Do not install pirated extensions. They will contain 'backdoor' coding to allow the distributor access to your control panel.
  • If you hire a remote developer, do not give access unless absolutely required. They can develop the ware and send to you for installation. Make them aware that the scripts will be reviewed by a third party developer to ensure no 'backdoor' or malicious scripting was injected.
  • If your personal computer has a key stroke tracking virus, no amount of website security can help because the hacker is getting your password each time you log in the administration. Confirm that your computer is clean.


Security Services And Applications

Human monitoring will always be the ideal security as they tend to offer guarantees.


Joomla Extensions

Review a list of security extensions designed specifically for Joomla http://extensions.joomla.org/category/access-a-security/site-security



WordPress Extensions

Review a list of security extensions specifically developed for WordPress https://wordpress.org/plugins/tags/security



Website Management Systems Vulnerability Reports

These websites monitor the activities of hackers and report any new methods discovered. It is best that a website owner subscribe to one or more to receive first hand information that could allow preemptive action to protect the website.

Service Expertise

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